Russian Prepositional Case (In, At and About)

In Russian, the prepositional case is used after the prepositions “о” (about), “в” (in), “на” (at).

Note: Sometimes these prepositions are used with other cases, this gives them a different meaning.

Nouns in prepositional case answer the following questions:

О ком? – About whom?

О чем? – About what?

Где? – Where is it?






1. Add : “е”.
2: Some nouns (mostly single syllable) take “у” (but not after preposition “о”)

Завод (factory)

Инженер (engineer)


Город (city)

На заводе (at the factory)

Это история об инженере (this story is about the engineer)

Мы живем в городе (we live in a city)


1. Replace “а” with “е”.
2. Replace “я” with “е”.
3. Replace “ь” with “и”

Река (river)


Стена (wall)


Семья (family)

Крепость (fortress)

Мы рыбачим на реке (we are fishing at the river)

Картина висит на стене (The picture is hanging on a wall)

Это вопрос о семье (That’s a question about the family)

Войска находятся в крепости (the troops are in a fortress)


1. Replace “о” with “е” 
2. “е” remains unchanged.

Вино (wine)


Стекло (glass)

Зеркало (mirror)

Он спросил о вине (he asked about wine)

Муха сидит на стекле (The fly is sitting on a glass)

Он увидел свое отражение в зеркале (He saw his reflection in a mirror)


Look at the last letter nominative singular form (dictionary form) and...
1. Replace "а", "о" or a consonant with "ах".
2. Replace the last letter
«ь» with "ях"

Туристы (tourists)


Гвозди (nails)


Страны (countries)

Саша пишет о туристах(Sasha is writing about the tourists)

Он выяснил о гвоздях (He made an inquire about the nails)

Она побывала в разных странах (she’s been in different countries)

Exercise: translate in to Russian:

- Where do you live?

- I live in Moscow.

- I live in London.

- I live in St. Petersburg.

- I live in Siberia.

-I live in Dundee

- I live in Kirremuir


Exercise: translate in to Russian the questions about somebodies whereabout:


-       Where is she?

-       At the station

-       At the post office

-       In the garden

-       In the forest

-       On the street

Home work:

Do the exercise where you can check yourself here: