Newsletter from 16/09/2010

1. Classes. The classes start at different times, so please be aware about the one that applies to you. 

The first group (age 4-7) start at 11.55 Room 306. Teacher Marina Fomina. They will have 3 classes in total. Drawing, Russian as a foreign language and crafts.

The second group (age 5-6) start at 11-00. Room 305. Teacher Natasha Sherstneva. They will have 4 classes in total - Russian, Literature, Drama and Crafts.

The third group (8-10 years old) start at 11-00, room 306. Teacher Anna Tonne. They will have 4 classes in total. Drama, Writing skills, Literature and Science.

The fourth group (age 10-12 y.) start at 13-05. Room 308. Teacher Irina Trifonova. They will have 2 classes in total and both of them will be Russian as a foreign language.

The fifths group (adults beginners) will start at 11-00. Room 308.They will have 1 hour of Russian. Teacher Helen Tonne.

The sixths group (adults intermediates) will start at 12-00, room 308. 1 hour of Russian. Teacher Helen Tonne.

If any kids or adults are not mentioned please let me know.

There will be some minor adjustments for the certain children who will migrate from class to class but this will be explained on Saturday.


2. Duty rota. Starting from next week we'll introduce the duty rota. We'll request 2 parents from 2 different families to stay in a corridor during the lessons in case children will leave classes for toilets. It will be their duty to keep an eye on a front door and also to ring the bell for the intervals and back to the class. Bell will be supplied. It will also be their duty to make sure that the dining hall is clean by the end of the day.


3. Discipline. By the end of the class it will be the responsibility of the teachers  to take the group to the dining hall where children can have a break. The next teacher must collect his group also in a hall and proceed to the class. Parents willing to wait for the children on the school premises can also use the dining hall. The stuff room should be used by the teachers only. 


4. Lunch break. Between 12.40 and 13.05. Please, don't forget to bring the packed lunches and drinks for the children. The lunch should be eaten in a dining hall. The lunches could be left in a dining hall and it will be the responsibility of the parents on duty to keep an eye on them too.


5. Registration and fees. It is very important that those parents who have not filled up the application forms yet do so next Saturday and also pay their membership fees. Please remember, that we have a system of discounts that apply to the families with 2 or more children attending the school, to the adults willing to study Russian whose children are attending the school, to the unemployed families, to the single mothers etc. We have already put most of your circumstances in an account and they are reflected on our balance sheet. However, don't hesitate to ask Dina or bring to our attention the circumstances that we are unaware about.


6. Stationaries and teaching materials will be supplied by the school in a first instance, however later we might request parents to buy one or two things like notepads and pens for their children.


7. Presence of parents in classes. On our first day parents had the opportunity to be present during some of the classes. We might use the practice of open lessons again closer to the end of semester to demonstrate what we have achieved, however in a meantime children shouldn't be distracted by the presence of their parents and parents are suggested to wait outside. In some exceptional circumstances when children are too shy or feel  very uncomfortable without their parents it can be tolerated, however, parents must make sure that as soon as their child accommodates to the class they must leave and wait outside. 


8. Homework. The teachers will start giving the homework to the children. Please don't ignore it. Remember that our school can only be efficient if the children make some efforts of their own during the week.


9. End of lessons. The lessons will end at 14.45 and the doors of school will be closed at 15.00. Please don't be late to collect your children.