Welcome speech at the School opening.

Welcome speech at the opening of the first Russian School in Dundee.

11 September 2010


Ladies and Gentlemen

I am happy to welcome you at the opening of the First Saturday Russian School in Dundee. We started this project in January this year and it’s been a long way but finally we are there and today is the first day when our project will become functional. It is needless to say that this project has only become possible because of your moral and physical support because of your active participation and will continue to work under the same conditions. We now have a team of qualified and experienced teachers and motivated volunteers who will do their best to make your children fluent in Russian and culturally educated.

Let me briefly introduce our teaching stuff.

Mrs Olena Tonne is a professional teacher with more than 13 years experience will be teaching literature to the group 3 and Russian to the adults.  

Mrs Natasha Sherstneva has a number of years of teaching experience in Russian schools in Cambridge and Oxford will teach Russian as a foreign language to the children who don’t speak Russian at all and will be working on developing Russian skills in younger groups and will be polishing their writing skills.

Irina Trifonova – a qualified professional language teacher will be teaching literature to younger group and Russian as a foreign language to the older group.

Anna Tonne – a young, very motivated and full of creative ideas graduate will teach drama to the younger children.

Olga Kovalyova – also young but very motivated teacher will be working on crafts with the younger groups.

And finally your humble servant will be teaching science to the middle group.

We also have our brilliant Dr Marina Fomina who will be helping us with the teaching process and Miss Ekaterina Dmitrieva who will also participate in our curriculum.

Our cashier and bookkeeper Dina Dikovskaya will explain you about fees and discounts so please approach her at your spare time during the day.

We also have Dr Saydulla Persheev and Dr Ekaterina Komendantskaya who are our trustees and will look after administrative issues and responsible for the premises.

You’ll find the timetables and list of pupils on a wall of the hall. The classes and timetable might change a little bit after we’ll test all children today but this is more or less how it will look like.

It is very important to keep the premises of the school tidy and make sure that nothing that belongs to the school will go missing. Harris Academy has had some very unpleasant experience with the previous Saturday school here and they were forced to leave the Academy. So it is very important to remember that we must show much better standards if we want to stay here for a good while.

The lessons will last 1 academic hour. During the intervals children shouldn’t stay in a class but must assemble in a hall where there is enough space for them to play and have a break.

Children should bring their own packed lunches.

The doors of the academy will be open at 10-45 and closed at 15-00. It is the responsibility of the parents to collect their children on time. In case parents are late the charges for late collection will apply. In a meantime it is the responsibility of the teacher to make sure that the child is not wandering away.

We would expect you to pay you donations ASAP during the first week of semester so we can pay our rent, some reward to our stuff  for teaching our kids and to buy stationeries and other staff that’s necessary for our  studies.

We are going to start our first lesson now and ring the bell in a way that’s  customary in our homeland on a first day of school.

After that children will proceed to the classrooms and parents and guests are invited to help themselves with coffee, tea and biscuits as they are waiting.

Thank you for your attention and congratulations with the first Russian school in Dundee!

Pictured (from top): Head of Secondary Education in Dundee City Council Mr Michael Wood and Andriy; Natasha and Marina (bottom) during the lessons.